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The situation had suddenly changed.

Jasmine was no longer the main person that this encounter was focusing on, if she was correct. Instead, she had been pushed to the side, someone in the background of what was happening right now. She was fine with that. She knew she might have said differently had this been at school, but right now being known wasn’t very much of a high concern. Toby, on the other hand, had kept the same role as before, and now with Jasmine in the background she could tell what that role was, somewhat. An aggressor. Someone who jumped on what other people said and wouldn’t back down, her current target being the girl. Natalie, her name was apparently. Not someone she knew. Not someone anyone really knew, if she were able to say something like that. She was withdrawn, from what she knew. Not exactly someone she interacted with much.

That made it hard to guess her intentions. Whether she was being truthful about what she was saying or not. Jasmine wanted to be able to group up with anyone who she could get, but she didn’t really want to put it into someone who’d try to stab her in the back. That would go against everything she was trying to do, here.

So she took a small step back. It was best to see what was going to happen before she made any attempt to join in.
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