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((Scarlett McAfee continued from Needles And Pins))

Lost. Lost again.

Scarlett was sure that she had taken a wrong turn somewhere. The hallway wasn't familiar to her at all. Why had she ran off from the others? Away from Aiden. She shouldn't have left him behind. Maybe she should go back. If only she remembered the right direction to go.

She sighed softly. "Why did I do that?" She muttered quietly. "I shouldn't have acted so impulsively like that. I should have stayed and did something to comfort Aiden."

Scarlett felt more calm talking to herself. Even though she wished that Aiden was there. But he wasn't and that was her own fault. She slowed down her walking as she looked around cautiously. She wanted to make sure that no one else was-

Scarlett froze on the spot as she heard a noise from one of the rooms that was around the corner of her. Was that something falling? Did someone just get attacked? Should she go and check it out?

She wasn't sure of what to do. So she just stood there. Feeling more uncomfortable.
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