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Jeremy had stayed silent as everything erupted to life around him.

To recap: Clarice made some mini-speech about friendship and trust and all that. Slightly cool sounding, a little idealistic but hey, if it actually stopped people from beating each other up he was more than cool with that. Unfortunately that hadn’t worked out, because around the same moment that two people Jeremy honestly didn’t really care about came to the top of the tower Nancy flipped the fuck out and hit Clarice with the axe she had. Jeremy had winced a little at that, because that was blood, and not just like the galleons the blood that poured out in basically every horror movie that was in the theatres but the blood of someone he considered a friend. Lots of it, too. It looked like she’d live from it but… god. At least she seemed okay. For now, at least, considering that she ran off after Nancy, with her boyfriend in tow.

So that left Jeremy, who had just stood there at the top of the tower while everything had happened. Silent. Barely moving. It wasn’t because he didn’t have anything to say, it was just that he didn’t get the time to say it. He wanted to say ‘oh shit, are you okay Clarice?’ but she had rushed out of the tower before he had been able to formulate the words in his head.

And really, how much would that have helped? It was clear that she wasn’t okay. There was blood, and there was a scream. Wasn’t hard to put two and two together. And the words. The words that had almost come out of his mouth, they just showed how little Jeremy knew about whatever sort of pain Clarice was going through, because really, as much as he wanted to just understand how she felt, he couldn’t relate. He had never broken a bone, and he had never been in a fight. The worst he had ever gotten were scratches and infections. Nothing in the vein of “getting an axe sent through your arm.” Nothing even remotely close to what he had just seen happen. As much as he wanted it, he couldn’t find that empathy. Only that grating “don’t worry, at least you’ll be okay” or “don’t take it too hard on yourself, at least you tried.” It wasn’t a surprise when one of the other two asked the same question. Just spoke to how much he thought of them, really.

...He just hoped that he got to see her again. Even if it was only once. Even if the only thing he could say was goodbye.

At least then it could be better than… what this was. A better goodbye to that girl he talked to and occasionally argued with. Better closure to the friendship of Jeremy Frasier and Clarice Halwood.

He took a step. Maybe there was still a little time. He could catch up, or they could slow down, or maybe they could suddenly find each other again.

He shook his head. No, that wasn’t likely to happen. Too… he didn’t know. Something, he supposed. Not enough to stop him from walking. Because there were things to do. Stuff he couldn’t do when he was stuck in a tower with two people he didn’t care about. People he needed that closure with. Joshua. Emma. Junko. Serena. Al. You know what? Even fucking Caedyn. All people. All important.

Plus, he still had a list on him. He couldn’t forget about that. Was it still there?

1. Have fun, above all else.
2. Find friends, give last goodbyes.
3. Pursue hopeless venture of survival, if first two options are no longer applicable.

Yep, still there. No longer in his short term memory, at this point. He walked across the room, passing by Barry and Jonathan without a word.

The worry about having to go down the stairs again had become a foreign idea, by this point.

((Jeremy Frasier, continued in Two Mules for Sister Sara))
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