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"It was a joke."

Was all he could have let escape before Michael went on a frenzy. Well, frenzies with a capital "F". Jerry didn't remember how dramatic Michael was before all of this, maybe because they never hung around a lot or just because the stress was getting the better of him. Anyways, he said a lot of things that surely made sense if someone was able to put this specific section on repeat a couple of times but for Jerry, it just went through him. He understood the overall meaning of it, however.

He didn't know a man could say so many words in, what, thirty seconds? Gee, when Jerry thought his ally was over, he continued over his own crazy idea. Making armor out of tires. Shit, they must be really desperate to do that. First of all, it'd take a lot of time, something they didn't necessarily have because of the situation. Anybody could just walk up to them while they are doing that, and it'd be over for them. Second, they needed something sharp, which they had, but only one knife. Cutting with an axe sounds fun and all, but Jerry didn't think it was really accurate. And finally, how will they strap it onto them? With what? Most of the things they had were taken away, including anything that remotely looked useful to kids trapped in a murder game.

With Michael's arm still around him, he tried to think about something to say, but most of those things were either disrespecting his plan or potentially rude so Jerry dug deeper and deeper. He thought about that one time his mom baked a cake for his birthday.. Jerry didn't know what his mom put in it, but it tasted like shit. It tasted really, really bad like a rotten egg forgotten in the sun. It did smell good, so when Jerry took the first bite, he was surprised at this foul-tasting bakery. However, he continued eating it because of his mother's smile. He kinda wanted to do the same thing for Michael, even his idea wasn't the most planned out. In the end, Jerry's mom got better at baking and maybe Michael will get better at... planning stuff out? He wasn't really sure about that last part, but he knew it could make his friend happy.

"Yeah. Let's try, but we need to get everything we need. Something to tie it all up."
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