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Kiziah bringing up the Boko Haram attacks did nothing to make Bart feel better. In fact, it did the opposite. All it did was remind him about how this wasn't just some isolated incident, and SOTF weren't the only ones doing this kind of thing. That made Bart feel far worse. Not for himself, but for the state of the world in general.

Bart picked himself up off the ground. He didn't want to be in this room anymore. All of the pictures scattered on the ground in a destroyed setting... it hurt him to see work ruined like that. Even if they were just casual paintings made over the course of an afternoon, they were still art. It reminded him of his sketches back at home. He wouldn't want to see those scattered all over the floor, and he was starting to envision that the longer he stayed around.

He was going to announce his intentions to the girls, but was beat to the punch by a bell ringing somewhere in the distance. His head jerked around for a few moments as he tried to figure out where it came from, eventually staring in the direction of the noise. He hadn't checked his map before, so he didn't know whether there was a church or a town hall or whatever other sort of building would have a bell on it nearby. There had to be, unless the terrorists were playing a joke on them by pumping the sound through a loudspeaker or something. That would have been pointless, but Bart could imagine the terrorists trying to mess with them like that.

"I think they're trying to call people over." He said, still looking where he had heard the chime. "I dunno if they're trying to find some friends, or... you know..." His voice faltered as he thought about the other reason why someone in this situation would try to draw people closer to them. He took a short step back as the mental image firmly implanted itself in his brain.

"I don't think we should follow it."
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