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Almost as though his words had lit a metaphorical fuse, everything became unraveled as soon as Barry had questioned the scene. Nancy had attacked Clarice out of nowhere, and left a bloody gash in her shoulder that Barry could see from the staircase. That sight alone made him feel more than a little nauseous. Nancy then took the opportunity to rush past him on the stairs, making him feel very thankful for the railing as he was pushed against it.

He cringed as he looked back at Clarice, or more specifically, her injury. He had seen some pretty rough injuries on the soccer field, but he'd never seen anyone's skin torn open with blood flowing so freely. It was even worse when Clarice came running past him as well, giving him a closer look at the wound. The sharp smell of blood that came with her as she passed caused him to crinkle his nose in shock and disgust. He could actually feel his stomach churning in a repulsed reaction to the unwelcome sensation.

With Conrad charging out the door as well, only Barry, Jonathan, and Jeremy were left in the vicinity. His escape plans were definitely not off to a very good start.

Barry just started at the door wordlessly, still trying to completely process the chaotic minute of his life that had just passed. He turned to look at Jonathan, who he assumed was just as shocked by recent events as he was. He cleared his throat nervously and said the only thing he really could after everything that had just occurred.

"So, uh... what should we do now?"
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