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((Maxim Kehlenbrink continued from Good Omens))

It seemed like he was in luck. When he had decided to enter this particular building, he had no idea whether or not it was already occupied by others. The map he had hadn't been that helpful either, but judging from what he had seen around him, this was most likely the 'Staff Housing Block A.' he was in. Whatever that meant for him.

But so far, it all had worked out for him, he didn't regret entering the place, not one bit. It was nothing but an empty hallway with bleak walls and even duller looking doors, yes, but at least it seemed like there was nothing for him to fear in there. Of course, this was taking for granted that there was no maniac waiting for him in one of the many rooms, some sort of Scissorman - darn, he immediately regretting the mere thought. Some distant memories of playing Clock Tower back when he was barely a teen resurfaced, making his flesh crawl a bit.

Though at the same time, it almost made him laugh, in how delightfully absurd it was. A life and death situation like this was unnerving, sure, but still not enough to make him loose it, but remembering a video game was where he became truly terrified. Then again, said game and all of this weren't even that different in some regards, but this was not time to indulge in such peculiar thoughts.

The obvious thing to do was to search through the rooms one by one. At least he assumed there to be rooms behind all of those doors, it seemed logical to assume. Maybe, just maybe something of use could be found in there, some rations, water, tools - probably no weapons, but who knew, maybe his luck really had taken a turn for the better.

Maxim walked along the hallway, pondering which door to open first. Almost sounded like he was talking about an Advent calendar. If he was going with that, then opening the very first door was the correct thing to do. But he certainly didn't expect to find chocolate behind any of these doors and as such, it didn't really matter which one he opened first. He eventually settled for the third one on the right. There was a small scratch on the door handle, almost looked like someone had tried to carve something into it. This was as good a sign as any other for him.

He took a small breath and turned his head left and right to check if somebody was there once more. Satisfied, he finally put his hand on the handle and pushed it down.
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