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Whoops. 'Gun Control' had been a bit on-the-nose there, though Harold supposed it was relevant in a sort of darkly comedic way. The future would be much brighter if they could just, like, use a giant magnet to collect all the guns on the island. Actually, no, bad idea; their collars and attached bodies would be dragged along for the ride too.

Astrid had made herself at home while they'd been talking, seating herself at the 'head' of the room, so to speak. She seemed relaxed, leaning back in her chair like that. Almost looked like she was a judge, presiding over their discussion. Weird to see, but it made sense. She was the one with the gun, after all.

Lizzie had gotten straight to the point with her question to all who had gathered at the Murder-ees Anonymous meeting, and Astrid had broken her silence as well. Subject matter aside, Harold found it almost funny how transparently they had worded their questions. Both obviously had an expectation of a "right" answer, both already knew what they wanted to hear. Well, you couldn't get through life without disappointing someone.

"Seems like you're making some pretty big assumptions yourself, Astrid," Harold said with a shrug. "Can't say I've ever gotten along with people who define 'intelligent' as 'agreeing with me', 'specially if you're trying to argue that obviously we should all be bashing each other's heads in right now. To answer your question, Lizzie - no, I'm sure as heck not planning to kill anyone. I'm not sayin' I'm gonna just lay down and die, but trust me, there're plenty of ways to defend yourself without getting anyone killed; not to mention, y'know, using my words." Maybe that wasn't the most eloquent expression of the benefits of clear communication, but whatever, Harold was getting annoyed.

"If anyone ends up dead because of me, it'll be because I messed up, plain and simple."
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