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Brendan listened patiently as Nadia and Jerry were talking to him. He already had a feeling that there would be no guns in the cabin. Brendan wouldn't want to touch a gun. He was terrified at the thought of having to use a gun on someone else. He didn't want to resort to killing anyone. He didn't want to be seen as a killer. A murderer. The best thing that he could do is try to keep things together. Be a good person. A good human being.

"....I'll see if I can find something useful up there. I'll see if I can find something for you as well, Nadia...." Brendan spoke as he moved over to his bag and he placed the can down beside it. Then he paused. Could he trust them not to steal anything from his bag? Should he risk it and see if they are decent enough as possible allies? "U-Uh, well, I'll be going upstairs now. I'll try to be careful and not injury myself."

Brendan hesitated for a few seconds. Then he decided to just leave his bag behind and he headed towards the stairs. Being as cautious as he could as he went up to search around.
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