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Dot felt like this was going nowhere. It wasn't a bad thing though, she'd loved to stay there all day. She felt like a statue, there to be seen, unmoving. She thought about it, along with researching for newly made billionaires in the beginning of the century, she could maybe review the footage of this program or whatever they called it.

She could become an artist, using this experience positively and making an impact. She had to get out of there first, though. Better to start thinking about the present and not the blurry future. However, knowing she could possibly grow out of this experience made her feel somewhat happy along with the serenity.

It sure was a horrible tragedy, but in Dorothy's mind, it was just another day, but with more weapons and less wifi. A smile drew itself on her face, cutting her mouth in half as she blankly stared at the fence. But suddenly, her smile disappeared from a passing thought. Her empty gaze shifted from the fence and the ocean to her companions.

"You think... You think someone's dead already?"
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Time steals us all away one day, does it not? · Northwest Cliffs