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Rorick Skyve
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Goddamnit, this was fucking embarrassing. Jane steadied herself, careful set her foot down on the ground, making damn well sure there was no rock or some other stupid obstacle in her way this time. Of course this had to happen, she couldn't have one nice moment without some dumb shit like this pulling the rug from under her out of the blue.

She let out a groan, annoyed with herself and everything around her, before she turned towards Cris. It was weird, even though he had just helped her out, saved her from an even bigger humiliation, she still didn't know whether to be thankful or mad at him. Maybe she could have regained her footing all by herself. Could have prevented falling over like a sack of lard without him intervening, but he had apparently not thought so. Though she couldn't do anything on her own, like she was just a clumsy mess.

She kinda wanted to snark at him, let him know she was pissed, but really - she didn't. Her anger almost vanished instantly as she stared at his big, stupid face. Nah, she was just being mean for nothing, he didn't deserve that. Had just wanted to protect her, nothing wrong with that. No reason to be mad at him; it was probably just the heat getting to her again.

"Yeah, I'm good. Don't know what happened there, kinda got lost in my thoughts, y'know?" She performed a twirling gesture with her hand next to her head, to illustrate her point and smiled a little while doing so. Yeah, no way she could stay mad at him, the whole thing was even almost kind of funny. "At least we got to test your reflexes."

She smirked at him. "Getting a 10/10 from me."
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