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((Posting for R.C.))

((Conrad continued from 人生の曲.))

"I don't know, I really don't know." Conrad wanted to cry, but could not. His face looked tired and he wanted Clarice to not be upset anymore. But she was hurt. She had a wounded shoulder. Blood. This was just sick. He would have never imagined to ever see his girlfriend in such an injured state, even with the wrestling she did. Sick.

"You need to calm down and recover. You should not run when wounded."

Clarice was in danger. Conrad had no clue how first aid worked. But at least they could calm down here. They walked away from the tower to a more secure location.

That was the solitary confinement cells. Just the two of them being here, they could calm down.

Clarice hopefully learned something out of it, though. That they should not trust anyone. Maria was right. Maria was smart, not following them. Not following like lambs to the slaughter. There were so many people in the bell tower, it was crowded. Freaking Nancy.

But now it was just him and her.

Conrad had goosebumps back when Nancy ran with the hatchet. She could have stabbed him with it and he would not have been able to do anything against that.

Nancy ruined everything. Now Conrad even had to split up from Barry, a person he could trust, unlike Nancy, Maria or Isabel. If Conrad, Barry and Clarice would have stayed united, who knew what they could have done. Now, he probably will not see Barry again, presumably hearing him in an announcement.

But at least he had Clarice.

Clarice was wounded and there was no way they could go to a doctor now. She had to endure the pain. While he thought Clarice would endure it, he still felt sorry for her. She did not deserve this. He did not either. They deserved going to a museum and to return home.

He opened his mouth again.

"I am sorry this happened."
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