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That’s right. 276 girls were abducted from a school in Nigeria. And then they went through such horror. What was worse was, most of them were still missing, if she remembered correctly. A year. A year had passed, and they still weren’t saved.

A chill went up and down Jennifer’s spine. If it took more than a year to solve that, a week would be a stretch here. Would it? She didn’t want to give up hope so soon.

She wasn’t sure about what to say to that, or to Bart’s sobs. She wanted to go home, she wanted to graduate, she wanted to live. Jennifer pulled her arms tighter around herself. Yes, she was angry, but to be honest… she was also shaken. Never did she think she’d have to deal with something like this. She didn’t want to cry, but she did feel her skin tremble.

“Technology?” she said. “Maybe collars like ours... well, they had to have been made somewhere, right? Even if they made them… they still ordered the supplies. And maybe that could…”

She wasn’t sure where she was going with that.

Aside from explosives, metal, and whatever else it took to make a collar, they would have had to order food, weapons, and other materials en masse. No matter how, it could have raised suspicions with anyone they bought from. It might have distinctive features, too. It was obvious it had been previously inhabited, so someone could recognize it from footage.

But would that help? They could wonder about ways they could be saved all day, but it wouldn’t change anything unless they actually did get rescued.

Something interrupted Jennifer’s thoughts, and her head snapped up at the sound. At first, she had no idea what the hell it could be. Her head turned, looking for the source. It sounded like it was some ways away. Not too distant, but still a walk’s away. Then she realized what it could be. She did see a map, but she only looked at it briefly. However, it was possible there was a belfry here. That definitely sounded like someone ringing a bell, at least.

Jennifer frowned.

“You hear that?” she whispered. “What the hell does someone think they’re doing?”

It had to be a belfry. What would the point of ringing a bell here, though?

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