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((Clarice Halwood continued from 人生の曲.))

“Come out, Nancy! Fuck!”

How the fuck Clarice even made it all the way there was a mystery, even with Conrad following her and yelling for her to stop. Just rolling on pure rage and what might have been a faint glimpse of Nancy’s unique sense of style in the distance. Clarice had just wanted her to stay. She hadn’t wanted Nancy to die. And Nancy had fucking put a hatchet in her shoulder!

Why was she even chasing Nancy?! She didn’t know what she was going to do once she found her. What could she do? Kill her?

Maybe it was that rather sobering thought that finally made Clarice slow down.

And maybe it was this sudden return of her common sense that made her realise that she’d just run off from a crowd that could have protected her. Who she’d wanted to bring to the tower. That she’d left her supplies behind and made Conrad carry them by proxy. And that her arm was slick with blood and—oh dear god.

A wave of dizziness hit her as the adrenaline receded slightly, and she stumbled before leaning against a wall.

“Didn’t think that through,” she said faintly.

Fuck, she hadn't even stopped to check if Conrad—

"She hit you? Are you okay?" Clarice shut her eyes for a moment before opening them again. "Did she hit anyone else?"
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