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((Conrad post on behalf of RC. Also skipping to move Conrad out.))

Conrad knew this was going to happen. Clarice screamed and thus the worst case scenario happened. Well, not really, she could be dead. But she was injured, screaming and running away from here, into the wild. Into other players even, perhaps.

Clarice needed Conrad. She could not storm out alone. He picked up Clarice's stuff and sprinted down the stairs.


Going down was easier, even with the bags. Though Conrad knew he was faster when having no load, like when dunking. But resources were resources and both him and Clarice needed them.

He left the tower, running after Clarice, leaving Barry and Jonathan behind him.

He slightly regretted that, because he hoped that Barry had a clue of what to do, but in the end Barry and Jonathan were not important right now. They were not in danger, they were not injured and screaming.

Clarices was the person he had to give all his attention to. When he catches up, it will be safe. No tons of allies. No persons they could not trust.

Just him and Clarice.

((Conrad Harrod continued in By the time you hear the next pop, the funk shall be within you.))
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