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((Clarice post. Skipping to move Clarice out.))

“Things are fine,” Clarice said to Barry, giving him a bright grin. “We’re just—“

And then Nancy tried to leave. Just like Isabel and Maria had left, and leaving here wasn’t like wandering off at school. Leaving meant a very real chance that they would die.

She’d panicked. She’d grabbed Nancy and told her to wait.

And then suddenly there was blood everywhere. There was an abrupt, sudden pain in Clarice’s shoulder, followed by a horrible scrapey sensation. Clarice screamed. It was incomprehensible for the first couple of moments, then it devolved into screeched words.


And Nancy was gone and someone else was there and they were asking if she was okay—

“What do you think?!” Clarice screamed, good hand going for her shoulder. Bloody. Very bloody. She’d had injuries before, nothing like this. “Fucking—Nancy! Where’s Nancy?!”

Where’d she… the stairs. She went down the stairs. And amongst all the noise and the throbbing sensation in her shoulder that felt like it was sending little red lightning bolts through her body each time her heart beat, she found one, hazy thought.

She had to catch Nancy.


She’d figure that out when she caught her.

“Move!” she yelled, barreling her way past what seemed like a huge crowd of people, eyes wide and somewhat crazed. Her foot slipped a little, but she maintained balance, and the pain seemed to recede the tiniest bit—just the tiniest bit—as she focused on this new, abrupt goal. Nevermind the spots of red she was leaving behind.

Catch Nancy.


((Clarice Halwood continued in By the time you hear the next pop, the funk shall be within you.))
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