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Sandy flinched back out the way, even as Maria’s shoulder barge only brushed the air. Great, so she was acting like a fucking twelve-year-old bully too. She was without a doubt the hottest shit he’d had the misfortune to meet so far, in the biggest steaming pile.

“Maybe you’re going to die first, think about that? Maybe someone less patient than me’s going to show up and put you out of all our misery, you callous bitch.” His spiteful words were accompanied by a quiet tremor going through him, hand gripped so tight around the neck of his bottle that it started to leave an imprint. Its heavy weight in his hand reminded him that it wouldn’t be so hard to just whack her across the face with it. It was violent, criminal, and something crazy, but he could absolutely do it, and no-one would be able to stop him. At least that would probably make her shut up.

Before he could make an assault though, he was distracted by the crashing of a Diamond through the library doors. Sandy couldn’t see Caleb, the shelves blocking view of the entrance from where the two were stood, but of course that only made the situation worse.

Not wanting to be the first to look and find another battered mess of a boy, he turned back to Maria with a glare that could cut glass, silently daring her to make the first move.
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