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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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There was a loud slam. Scout turned her head to look over her shoulder. The cigarette was clenched between her lips, a hand on the saw handle sticking out of her pocket. In hindsight it was silly that she even went for the bonesaw in the first place. After all, a bonesaw had very little chance going up against any type of gun.

Maybe it was the nicotine flowing through her veins, or maybe it was the fact that she vaguely recognized who the figure was. No matter what her reasons, she immediately cooled when her eyes landed on Baker. The sun was beginning to set. Rays of sunlight pierced the stained glass, bathing Baker's face in an orange hue and coating Scout's expression in shadow.


Scout turned her head away. She stared out of the stained glass window again. The sun in the windowframe nearly eclipsed the setting sun outside. It was pretty. Strange, but, pretty. She shoved her hands in her pockets.

Did Scout mean that? Yes and no. Baker did not set an intimidating figure. All the same, the scattered bushes and plantlife would make any sort of attack, sneaky or otherwise, a lot more trouble than it was worth. It reminded Scout of when she used to play hot lava as a kid.

"You can stay," Scout said, punctuated by a half sigh, half exhale of smoke. Her disposition was considerably less surly than usual. Not friendly per se, but not hostile either. Flippant, most noticeably, when she added, "I'm not going to kill you."

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