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The Burned Handler
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I used to be a handler like you, then I turned into a horse.
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((Minor GM approved))

Not to mention Facebook, Skype, and plane tickets were things. So long as he remembered to keep in touch, and he would, they could at least keep this going until the bombs fell or the world was underwater in a few years.

Somehow Raina tended to make him believe might not happen, at least for a while. There were girls he had more in common with, whose ages he was closer to, who he argued with less, but almost none of them made him feel at peace like she could. Which was weird considering the existential terror her hobby inspired in him.

"Never know until you try." He gave her his best cheesy grin, although due to lack of practise maybe it wasn't very good, then leaned in to gently press his lips against hers. Only for a second or two, but long enough to make it pretty clear things were back on. Once they parted he got to his feet, plans of coffee forgotten.

"Come on, there's still some sunlight left."

He led her to the Cadillac, and to filling the last of the school year with adventure.

((Crisanto Luz continued in Meanwhile))
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