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Jonathan followed Barry towards the stairs. This was turning out great! A large group of people, it was safe, they were safe! They could plan things out, they could escape. They could-

There was a scream. Oh no... No no no... What the hell happened! Nancy bolted down the stairs. She screamed, but she wasn't the scream. Oh no. What did she do, oh shit, not now, not this early.

Jonathan was practically tackled as Nancy ran out of the bell tower. What did she do? Jonathan looked up at her as she ran off. She was gone. But the scream, who's scream was that? Jonathan forced himself to his feet. He got up and ran up the stairs.

Everything before this was going well. Too well. Everyone coming and going, Jon waking up trapped in a cell, Jon waking up in Survival of The Fittest... This was a hell of a day already, and now? Now it was going to get a lot worse before it gets better, or IF it gets better.

He reached the top of the stairs and saw Clarice. She was the scream. She...

"Oh my God! A-a-are you okay?!"
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