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((Nancy Kyle continued from 人生の曲.))

Maybe it wasn't the best idea to come back inside. But it was quiet, and no one was here.

And Nancy was just fine with that.

Well... nobody was here except the camera in the room... the one that watched her pace around the room for a bit before finally sitting on the bed.

But Nancy was just fine with that.

She carefully looked at the hatchet, as she was unable to do so until now. The blade was caked with blood... blood that was now dry, but blood all the same. Clarice's blood.

She'd grabbed her. There was no choice. She'd dismissed her worries, became aggressive with her, and then physically assaulted her.

There was no choice.

She wanted to say something. Maybe to the camera. She didn't know.

"Nancy-chan is..." she started, but she let the phrase die. She didn't even know what she could follow it up with.

Nancy tipped the side, lying down on the bed. She let the axe fall to the floor, and it hit the ground, clattering noisily as it did so.

Other than that, there was no noise. No presence of anybody here other than herself.

And Nancy was just fine with that.
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