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She had just been about to reply when Alan's voice echoed out from behind her.
"HOLY FUCKNUGGETS!" Hannah nearly jumped out of her skin, pausing to place a hand over her extremely rapidly beating heart. "Jesus Alan, you scared the crap outta me! Couldn't you be a little less... Sneaky?"

His words sunk in whilst she paused for breath and to help calm her heart, before continuing. "Also, whilst that sounds like a fun idea, there's a camera right fucking there so they just heard that." As she said the sentence, she indicated with her spare hand towards the little plastic circle that beadily watched them.

"Also, even if that did work, how would we..." Why was she getting all complicated? Alan's idea was as stupid as anything, and entirely reliant on a bunch of murderous psychopaths forgetting their 'jobs' in order to laugh at antics that they had probably seen before.

"Alan, that is the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard in my entire life, and note that some of these ideas were suggested by me."

That was simple.
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