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Rene's smile turned into a toothy grin, and a fit of laughter escaped. Oh man, it felt good to be around people with a sense of humor again! "All right, all right. You got jokes." She said, putting her hands up. "Either that, or the terrorists in charge of this thing really need to fucking fire their communications guy, because he's got no taste."

It really was nice to be in the company of friends again. Noah and Sandra had always been awesome, and Blair... honestly, Rene didn't really know her too well, but she was probably cool too. If she could follow up on Rene's radio joke as quickly as she did, then she had to be all right.

"Okay, so you guys would not believe the day I've had so far." She said, putting her hands down and smirking. "I woke up on the ground right next to a bed, then met a cut-rate Nixon impersonator. The guy didn't even say 'I am not a crook'." She used air quotes to put emphasis on that last part. "It was a real disappointment. So anything like that happen to you guys?"
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