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"Woah, woah woah woah..." Will pulled the hammer back on the gun and indicated for the kid to stop what he was doing. "Ground rules. No sudden movements, no doing anything with that needle, don't... Fucking.... Make me jumpy. Jumpy people have twitchy fingers, yeah?" He indicated with his head for the boy to sit back down, and approached the bag, unzipping it and emptying it out on the floor. There was a glassy clink, and he kneeled down to pick it up, gun trained on the kid at all times.

He picked it up and read the message. Adrenaline. The kid had injectible adrenaline, and looked like the son of a stickman. It would have been amazing had he gotten it, but he hadn't.

"Alright." At this, will lowered the revolver, and breathed out, unaware that he had been holding his breath since he read the bottle. "Alright." He repeated, before at last continuing. "Wade," inwardly, he was thinking who the fuck called a kid Wade, but outwardly he tried to keep his bemused attitude hidden. "Let's... Not do anything rash. Either of us. I'm sure this can all be worked out, as long as you're willing?"

He was pretty sure the kid would be willing. Will was the one with the gun, and the one with both a height and weight advantage. Attacking Will right now would be paramount to suicide, but nonetheless he wanted to get verbal confirmation. Assumptions got you killed, simple as.
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Waking up in a strange place isn't so unusual for some... · Doctors’ Offices