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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Crap. Did they hear him? Noah heard some movement behind him, but saw no one there. He let out a small groan and hit his temple with the palm of his hand. He didn't want to look that weak before the girls. He hoped he could get his little piece out before it went into Oscar bait territory, but now he had to contend with the idea that he didn't have as private a moment as he thought.

He walked back to the entrance of the control room when he heard a different voice.

Any good stations?

Noah's eyes widened. He peered out and saw Rene Wolfe standing there. He felt a smile grow on his face. Rene! One of the other comedians from Cochise. She was pretty funny, and they had bounced jokes off one another in the past. She was like the Rebel Wilson to his Anna Kendrick.

"Oh man, it's much worse than gospel here," he said in response to Blair's comment. "We're looking at an abandoned conservative talk radio station. I looked at the chair in the room, and it was molded with Alex Jones' ass print. It's a real hell house here."

Noah smiled at Rene. "But how are things going with you?"
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