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Blair bit her lip uncomfortably as Noah started with what she anticipated to be plenty of waterworks. Sandra seemed to be upset too, but Blair wasn't paying as much attention to the other girl. Damn it, if she was going to tie herself with a guy for protection just to have him get all choked up, she could do better...Holy shit, what the hell? Was she some kind of sociopath? She'd barely been here for a few hours and she was already plotting like it was Survivor or something.

Like, okay. Sticking with someone for safety was one thing. That was just common sense. But she couldn't just ditch them when she decided they weren't suitable for her purposes. She wasn't some nefarious ne'er-do-well. The guy was scared to death, possibly literally, and here she was thinking about how useless he was? He's doing alright, given the situation. Not as bad as Blair, but she'd been through worse.

Besides, she hadn't even thought of her family. Miley, she could take or leave relationship wise, but her parents were probably so fucked up over this. And Blair was the one dying here! Now, Blair had no idea what Noah's family was like, but judging from the long list, he had it okay. Poor bastard.

"Hey, Noah-"

As soon as she tried to offer him some comfort, though, the door opened and some fat girl popped in. Okay, that was mean. But the girl was probably double tiny Blair's weight. Rene was in theater and something of a class clown, if Blair recalled. Not a likely thread unless she had a fucking bazooka.

"Nah, just some gospel shit." Blair said with unexpected comfort. In hindsight perhaps the religious jokes were best held off when talking to strangers, but fuck if Blair was going to let fear of imminent death censor her. "Rene, right?"
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