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Sep 14 2016, 11:41 PM
Prologue says:
The evening of the disappearance a candlelight vigil was held outside of Cochise High School. Even at the event, nobody voiced the one possibility that made sense.

So there is actually an official confirmation that where was a memorial service of sorts! Unless you're thinking of something else?

I'm interested, and I was thinking something like this, too. It's an idea full of possibilities. O:
My take on it (though get confirmation from Deamon as he wrote it) is that vigils are usually "We're praying for their safety," type things (it's pretty common when people are missing or in trouble). At that point, the students would not be known to be dead, so it'd be a bit different. That said, there's certainly some overlap with the idea of a preemptive memorial (as opposed to, say, one after they know exactly who didn't make it). I'm passing the vigil question along to the lounge--just noting that it has been seen!
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