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Totally up for this. The setting looks really cool.

What days are you free, normally? Everyday but Wednesday, but if most of the players are in/near EST, then Fridays and Saturdays are best.
What times are you free on those days, normally? Please use EST. On Fridays and Saturdays anytime from 7pm onwards. On other days, I'll only be free in the mornings, from 8am onwards.
What's your experience with tabletop RPGs in general? I've played lots of DnD (3.5 ,4 and 5e), a little CthulhuTech and AdEva as well as several rules-lite systems. I've run a campaign in 5e before, but that was a published adventure.
Can you use Discord? I'm parked there all the time anyway so that's a thing.
Can you tolerate a nerd who really likes robots as your GM? Is there another kind of GM?
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