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Nadia peacefully exhaled as Rod got into the car. It had been a wonderful evening, and now it was going to continue on with her and Rod riding around admiring the evening desert. Maybe she could take some pictures as they drove through the desert if she rolled down the window. She almost couldn't believe how elated she had been. She got a photo published on a website she admired, and she was in a romantic high.

In a way, this had been the happiest she had been in a long time.

As they drove off into the desert, Nadia looked out the window at the scenery around her. She wouldn't miss Kingman, but she would miss this view. Nadia didn't think she'd feel so nostalgic, but maybe this was all a part of growing up. She was a woman now, and she'd be leaving to start her life. It was exciting, scary, and unreal all mixed together.

Nadia let out another sigh as they continued to drive. She was going to enjoy this for as long as she could.

((Nadia Riva continued in V6))
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