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Hazel nodded at Jordan’s suggestion they go and help the new arrival. It made her smile, just a little; he was someone whose first reaction at seeing someone in danger wasn’t to run away, but to instead offer aid. She was glad she’d encountered him first, and not someone more volatile or skittish. She jogged lightly towards the newcomer, grateful for the traction her Nikes provided and happy for her newfound habit of forgoing less practical footwear.

“True.” Hazel couldn’t help but smirk at T’s reply. It was a redundant question, but one habit had drilled into her over the years. The amount of times she’d approached fellow students after berating their bullies and asked them the very same thing escaped her. “But you did take quite a tumble from the looks of things. Sure you’re not bruised or anything?”

She noticed Jordan had fallen behind her – possibly out of apprehension, possibly out of wanting her to take the lead. Regardless, she took a step back to give him a reassuring rub on the arm, just to let him know she was there for him.

“Have you seen anybody else? You’re the first person Jordan and I’ve both encountered aside from each other.”
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