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Start up a car and drive away. Hold up. HOLD UP! How did Michael not think of this?! Take one of these cars and drive off. Get one of these rust buckets, and drive all of five miles before landing into the ocean! Of course! These things were from the 70's. The Jetsons were from the 70's! They could drive underwater like a submarine. And that's with the implication that they could slap all the rust off to make the machinery work. And that's with the implication there were keys, or one of them knew how to hotwire the-

"Jerry, that's a good idea. A great idea, but there is a few things you got wrong with that plan."

Michael put his hand on Jerry's shoulder, and took off his shades.

"That thing you got wrong, was, well, it was mostly fucking everything. These fuckers are more rust than car, and even if they worked, where'd we drive?! The goddamn motherfuckin' piss ocean?!" Michael raised voice, but he caught himself before he went into a full tirade. Jerry was probably still in shock over their circumstance, couldn't get angry at him, not yet. He raised his finger, his angered grumbling turning to a quiet chuckle.

Michael pinched his brow, shaking his head, he laughed again before putting his sunglasses back on. "If that was a joke, I apologize, sometimes I don't catch sarcasm too well." This place was just as barren as the bar, nothing of use, except well, there was that pile of tires over there, along with the ones on the jeeps. "We won't find much use out of these cars, but there is something they got that do got use!"

Michael wrapped his arm around Jerry's shoulder, pointing his axe at the pile of tires. "You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" Jerry might not have been on the same page Michael was, but that was alright, he'd bring him up to speed. All that thinking about post apocalyptic works, had Michael thinking about outfits. Football pads, pauldrons, tires. Motherfuckers wore tire armor! Him and Jerry would look badass as fuck!

"You know what tires are good at right? We shred some of these fuckers up, attach it to our clothes, and we're gonna be a hell of a lot better off than the kids in t-shirts and jeans, right. Only people dumb enough to be comin' at us in that type of gear would be bumblefucks!"

Michael omitted the part where they'd be practically useless to large blades or more importantly gunfire; But hey, at least getting bludgeoned to death was less of a risk!
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