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Samuel was glad Rene hadn’t insisted on sticking together. He half-heartedly returned her mock salute before she left. Now it was just him and Caleb, who thankfully didn’t seem like the clingy type either.

“Yeah, I’m gonna head off, too,” Samuel replied, shouldering his bag. His usual parting words would’ve been “See ya around,” but that wouldn’t be the case. This was probably the last time he’d see Caleb or Rene alive. It didn’t bother him too much; they were strangers at school, and that didn’t change here. Waking up together in a hellhole like this didn’t create spontaneous friendships.

Instead, Samuel settled on saying “Good luck,” before turning around and heading in the opposite direction Rene had gone.

He didn’t look back.

((Samuel Howard continued in Room of Relaxation))

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