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Jerry didn't want to go inside, but it was already too late to voice his opinion to Michael, he already opened the door. He wished he could have stopped him from doing so, but it was too late.

Well, like it or not, but Jerry had to enter and explore the place with his partner in crime, and he couldn't just stand in front of it like a statue, so he quickly and quietly followed his friend.

He thought about their promise from earlier, would it be here their killing start? It didn't have to start anywhere, only if they were attacked, but who knows. If someone attacked them, they had to fight back, that's the only thing that mattered.

The inside was like the outside. Just with a to-be-never repaired car, elevated like a ghost and reigning over the place. It could fall anytime, just crush anyone beneath. He forced himself to remember that, area hazard was a valid way to fight back.

The metallic grave's air was stale and Jerry's nostril flared up at the smell of it. It smelled like in abandonment place, untouched for ye-


He wanted to facepalm.

"You know what'd be funny? If we start up a car and drive away."
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