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((Caleb Diamond continued from Lone Wolfe))

So Sam said he wanted to go alone. Internally it stung a bit, but he shrugged it off. He'd go off in a different direction. He pulled out a flashlight from his pack, holding it in his right hand with his mask in the other. Caleb made his way, cautiously, quietly, to a stairwell. It wasn't surprising really, the way things had turned out.

He opened the door to the stairwell and was hit with the smell of metal and mildew. As soon as he let go of the door from the area he had come from, it slammed behind him. He walked down the steps with his footsteps echoing in the small, dank space.

I wonder who's going to get my stuff? Is there going to be a funeral?

He started moving a bit faster. The echoes were closer together and the light from his flashlight bounced jauntily.

Funerals are pretty much expensive scams anyway. And there's not even a body. Maybe they'd get a doll or something. Like a scarecrow filled with hay. Do they play music at funerals? Should I have made a playlist-

Caleb felt something sticky and wispy on his hands and face all of the sudden. Something tickled a bit. A thin layer of sticky substance covered his upper body. The beam of the flashlight revealed it to be spiderwebs, with a considerable amount of long-legged friends scurrying all over him. Caleb gasped, his foot missed the next step and he went tumbling down the stairs. He crashed into a door which opened into a new room. Caleb landed on his back, staring up at the sky through a glass ceiling that was hazy with decades-old filth. He was still clutching his Nixon mask and had his bag around his shoulder, but the flashlight had been lost in the stairwell somewhere. After a second, he began frantically trying to slough off the webs he was tangled in and the remaining spiders.

He coughed up dust and felt that somewhere on his body he'd injured himself. Caleb landed in a library.
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