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"Good to see you too human," Cameron said, grin still plastered to her face. "that sounds like..." She trailed off following Tessa's comments. That killed the mood dead. They hadn't even been awake for half a day and already one of them was turning into a paranoid nutjob. Things were going great.

Luckily Mel made things didn't get too heavy. Cameron couldn't help snorting at her response. She knew she shouldn't have and she tried not to, but the whole scenario she was describing was so ridiculous. If that was what Tessa thought had gone down or some other plan they had thought up between them she was going to be disappointed.

"Yeah, it's not like we're planning to rob you using Elmo." Although that would have been an equally amazing image, running up to someone slamming Elmo into their face and then running off with their bag. A drive-by Elmo'ing.

Bitches don't fuck with Sesame Street.

Cameron hopped around using Enzo as support until she ended up facing Tessa. Quieter than before she spoke.

"Nothing happened, I just fell."

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