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"Sure, don't mind if I do."

A heavy thump sounded as Mel thrust the flat top of the pickaxe into the earth and leaned a bit on the handle. It was far too short to be any real help, but at least this way, it was carrying its own weight. She'd have to give it back sometime. Maybe Vinny could hold on to it; it was Cameron's, after all, and the two of them seemed pretty close.

"I attacked her," she said in the cheeriest tone she had. "Yep, right when I woke up. I just started whaling on her with my bare hands, until I broke all sorts of things - all three of her ankles, my knuckles, all the bones in my hand - I'm in a full arm cast right now," she added, wiggling the fingers of her free hand at Tessa.

"Then she decided to come with me, 'cause, uh... it was a stick-up." Finger gun for emphasis. "And I took all her cash."

Mel paused, and the grin that had slowly spread over her face while she was talking faded.

"Not trusting each other when nothing's even happened yet," she said, "that's what they want."
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