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This situation is something that Natalie would say has gotten from bad to worse. It's bad enough that she woke up in a dark room all by herself, but it turns out she wasn't even alone in the first place. What originally was supposed to be a nice greeting was ruined when she slipped.

Clumsy. Stupid.

And now, while she was on the floor, standing before her, are two girls she didn't exactly know, one of them seems like she could beat her up to a pulp if she tried, and that particular girl doesn't seem so happy to see her. The athletic looking girl is asking her why she was 'sneaking around', telling her not to move. It's only been a few minutes and Natalie's apparently already gotten on someone's bad side. That's not a good sign in a situation like this.

So many words went through her mind at that moment.

I wasn't doing anything. No, that's just too suspicious.

Just wanted to say hi.. Not going to work, if she did, she would've said hi in the first place instead of waiting.

I just happened to be around. ...Seriously? No.

3 seconds, 5 seconds, 7 seconds had passed. Natalie had unconsciously gulped a bit, partly through fear of what might happen next.

She was about 70% sure that most of her classmates wouldn't kill her on sight. She barely knew a lot of people, but now, with the possibility of pissing one off, she's reconsidering those chances. Well, they haven't attacked yet, so they may be friendly, maybe? Finally, she spoke,

"L-Look, I just woke up here, okay... I'm just trying to get the lay of the land, y'know? I know it looks weird, but I wasn't 'sneaking around' or anything..."

Slightly nervous. Stuttering. She can't show any weakness. Not right now. She took a deep breath and worded her next sentence with some confidence.

"I'm not a threat, and I don't think you guys want to kill me, so... yeah"

She looked over at the black haired girl that asked for her name. She seems nicer than the other one.

"As for my name, I was actually about to ask you the same thing..."

Should she tell them? They probably don't know her anyway. Of course she should tell them, it's just a name.

"...I'm Natalie"

Her heart was beating rapidly, hoping that whatever she said was enough to calm them down and maybe consider her friendly.
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