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((Rene Wolfe continued from Wolfe Crossing))

The radio tower caught Rene's attention as soon as she saw it, and really, how could it not? It towered over everything else in the area, no pun intended, and looked pretty remarkable compared to the rusty, musty environment that surrounded it. Basically, it was cool, and she wanted to check it out. That was pretty much the extent of her motivations for going there. It really did look like the nicest piece of architecture she had seen thus far. Of course, considering its only real competition was a crusty old asylum and a rusty old bridge, that wasn't exactly a grand accomplishment.

As she approached, her attention wandered from the tower itself to the shack next to it. It didn't look too shabby, and she figured that it would be a nice place to crash for a little while. She wasn't in the mood to turn down some free shelter, after all. Hell, there might be some stuff inside that could be useful. Maybe some tools or a radio. If she was lucky, she might even be able to MacGyver up some kind of system to send out an SOS message and get some help to the island.

... Okay, the last example was probably never going to happen, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Rene walked up to the shack's entrance and pushed the door open, revealing that she was apparently not alone in thinking that the shack seemed like a nice place to stay. Having rudely upon and now staring down three ambiguously-armed classmates, she needed to say something. Maybe something witty to defuse the tension. Something to keep things from going too far south too quickly.

"Any good stations?"

Yeah, that might work.
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