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"Alright, I'm just going to open the door so we can see each other properly, ok? No potshots now, or I'll return fire."

Wade tensed, peeking cautiously over the desk. The seconds that followed that phrase seemed to stretch relentlessly. He tried to frantically analyze what the other boy's mental and physical state might be like and what path of action they'd take. The very real shadow of death lingered frightfully around all that. The boy was probably not hostile, but if he was- The desk would be good cover against any melee weapon, but a gun- He couldn't overpower someone with a gun-

There the other boy was, lingering cautiously in the doorway. Big. Long hair and heavy clothes making him look like he walked right out of Wade's half-asleep character imaginings. Stoic expression. Rippling muscles, and revolver at the ready. Oh God no. No. He was aiming it dead at Wade with a thumb already over the hammer. A sign- if it was a single-action he'd have a moment to react-

"Let's start with names, shall we? Will. Will McKinley."

So he wasn't immediately hostile, but if Wade said his own name in reply he might just be making some kind of final courtesy. There was no time. He had to make a response-

"I'm Wade Cartwright. And you can put down the gun. I've only got this syringe, see. Y-you're free to check my bag," he said, making a furtive gesture toward it as he stood and retreated from the desk hands-up.
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Waking up in a strange place isn't so unusual for some... · Doctors’ Offices