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This was not a tone that set Tessa at ease.

She herself had avoided, assiduously, becoming mired in despair and fatalism. Her eyes had stayed dry and her mind, insomuch as she could control it, had stayed away from her parents and from thoughts of what they were doing, how she missed them, what she'd said to them last and how they'd react to hearing about this. They wouldn't hear about this, not if Tessa had her way. She'd be back in Kingman before any of this hit the airwaves and there was no point in assuming anything else.

Sad thoughts were wasted thoughts as far as Tessa was concerned, and she needed all her brainpower for the problem of how to get out of here. She couldn't afford to squander it on sentimentality.

Still, the tone of her fellow students was far from reassuring. She hadn't expected them to know the truth of their situation, of course, but this easy joviality was something else entirely. Was it shock, or simple denial? It certainly was not, she decided, remotely helpful.

Tessa eyed the three of them with unease.

Was the story about the stairs true? Tessa had her doubts. It was the sort of thing wives told their doctors when their husbands were beating them, and would have been suspicious at the best of times. Here, in this state-run violence dispensary the odds of someone being injured in a simple accident seemed very low indeed, and Cameron's empty little laugh did nothing to reassure her.

Why were they lying? What did they have to hide? What had they done?

Vincenzo offered help, but Vincenzo was an idiot. He couldn't even tell his own gender, of course he couldn't tell he was being lied to.

Someone clearly had to be an adult here, and if all of these children were busy playing pretend, that someone would have to be Tessa.

"Bullshit," she said.

"You 'bailed down some stairs'? I mean, that's totally the most likely way to get an injury here, right?"

She took a step away from the trio, her hands at her sides.

"Pull the other one."

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