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Maxim turned his head towards his friend, then nodded. "Alright. See you later."

At least he couldn't be mad at Cristo, no reason to. He had only himself to blame and that was far more preferable than the alternative, really. Cristo, he was conscientious, as he demonstrated just now. A bit moony now and then, but not naive or even neglectful. He respected that. More than he could say for most people, even some which he called his friends.

As he watched the other boy walk off into the distance, it struck him almost immediately that he suddenly felt lonely. He was used to being alone, most of the time in his own room, but he rarely ever felt lonely. Never, really. But now that he was no longer in the company of Cristo, he could very well feel it, that blend of incompleteness and subtle longing. Yeah, had to be loneliness. And he was pretty sure he did not like it.

Of course, he could have gone after him, offered to hang around him for some more time. Knowing Cristo, he probably wouldn't have objected. But despite the state he was in, Maxim still feel- well, lazy, as always. He was more inclined to simply leave the ground he was on and go look for a bench somewhere, some place he could rest without dozens of people swarming about. In fact, that sounded like the first reasonable plan he had put together that day.

Moving somewhat sluggishly, he lifted himself off the ground and into a standing position. He glanced in the direction that Cristo had gone off to one last time, then left to accomplish his newest quest.

((Maxim Kehlenbrink, end of pregame))
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