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Isabel stood, smoldering as she stared at the unflinching Tina.

Isabel didn't know what to do. She expected Tina to actually say something or do something, but all she got was silence and a cold stare. Tina was obviously not happy to see her, and the feeling was mutual. Of all the people Isabel wanted to see out here, of course it had to be someone who never gave her the satisfaction of reacting to her insults. Even though Isabel knew that it got to her deep down, as otherwise she wouldn't blatantly hate Isabel so much, it bothered Isabel to no end to not get the powerful feeling she got when she put someone else beneath her. She was more important and talented than they would ever be, she deserved to feel like she was better than them.

Isabel was always told that bullying others was wrong, but she didn't care. She knew that she felt good after she put someone down, and more importantly she knew that she never felt bad about it. Who cares what her victims felt like? If it was really bad for her to do it, she would regret it. But she never regretted it. The only times she did was when it got her in minor trouble, and that came from other people punishing her, not anything natural she felt directly from her actions.

Isabel's eyes narrowed as she thought. She took her eyes off of Tina and instead stared at the floor at Tina's feet. She thought back to the cliffs, and what she was thinking about then. She wanted to survive. If she wanted to survive, everyone else had to die. Maybe she wouldn't have to kill everyone else, but she needed to kill someone. And right now, she was standing in front of one of the people from Cochise that she hated the most.

Isabel broke the silence that seemed to last for minutes. "You know..." Isabel started walking, slowly, towards Tina. "...I've been thinking."

Isabel was always told that murder was wrong, by society and by her parents. She was told it was the worst thing that you could do. She was told that most murderers regret what they do immensely. But she was told the same thing about bullying people, that it was wrong and that she would regret doing it. Murder and bullying were treated like the same thing, just on different levels. If she never felt bad about bullying people, would she feel bad about murder?

Isabel kept talking as she kept walking towards Tina. "I really don't like you, you know..." Isabel brandished her sock flail. "...and, you know how everyone else has to die for someone to leave, right?"

Isabel hoped she was right, she didn't want to make a decision like this only to feel bad afterwards. She just needed to do this once. Then she could just avoid everyone else for the rest of the game, maybe defend herself if she had to. She just needed to make sure that she got that one kill, so she could make it out alive.

It wasn't like Isabel would just murder someone out of the blue, these were extenuating circumstances. After this was all over, she could go back to her life being normal. She could continue on with her education, get away from her parents, and finally have some control over her life with this horribly traumatic event behind her. Finally have real agency in her decisions.

Isabel sped up her walking, yelling one last thing at Tina. "...Well, I've decided that I'm going to thin out the competition!"

Isabel's speed walk turned into a full blown sprint, and in an instant she lunged at Tina, swinging her sock flail wildly.
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