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Cameron. Damn-diddly-yes it was Cameron. One of Enzo's best friends, period and hell, there may have been better situations to run into her, but beggars couldn't be choosers and Vinny had their cap in their hand right about now. Point was that they could work with Cameron being here, they could actually - shit, how were there any words to properly describe it? Cameron was just reassurance, flat out. She didn't always get Vinny, but she tried to get Vinny, and that counted just as hard.

Another girl from their year was with Cameron too - Melanie, someone that Enzo knew decently, if not super close to. They played soccer together now and then, a couple of kickabouts around campus and one or two around town. She'd - what with Cameron being favouring her leg and the comment about taking a trip, clearly been helping Cameron out, which Enzo definitely appreciated. Help their friends and that scored big points in Vinny's book. What could they say? They were a simple person.

Flagrant lies. Vincenzo thought they had a vine about that one, actually.

"Oh you know, great as always," Vinny breezed past Melanie picking up on sardines, because that wasn't how they rolled, and then shrugged. "Haven't been inside yet. I guess you might get lucky, Longjohn."

They tossed a glance over their shoulder, back at Tessa, and then returned their attention back.

"It's good to see you, Sardine. Let's get that foot elevated at least, right?"
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