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Keith wasn’t saying anything new. Everyone else in this predicament was probably thinking the same exact thing. She could understand why he was making a big deal about it, but he was getting her needlessly stressed over such a concrete fact.

But maybe it wasn’t as concrete as she thought. Joshua said otherwise, declaring that they weren’t going to die. She wasn’t sure if he was delusional or just lying. Everybody was going to die: all but one of their classmates. Sure, there was a rescue in 2008, but those people didn’t return the next time around. She doubted that those mysterious rescuers would return after seven years of inactivity. Bridgette and her classmates were all dead men walking.

“How are you gonna make sure of that?” Bridgette huffed, turning to Joshua. She’d understand if it was just said to calm Keith down, but he sounded so sure of himself. A part of her was curious, to see if he actually had a plan.

Bridgette doubted that he did.

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