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The grip on her glass shard loosened and eventually fell away. They weren't a threat to her. Taking the flashlight in her other hand she moved around the shelves and into clearer view of Abby and Cristóbal. She nodded in agreement with the idea of finding something to write with. That was an idea that was useful, easier communication given her condition was a must. A pen and paper while not much use over a distance would be good for up close and personal discussion. In Kimiko's mind the idea of finding a form of universal communication was worth any of the time she spent looking.

Kimiko nodded at Cristo's suggestion, as she did so she moved the flashlight to look at the contents of some of the shelves, he was right. It was mostly toiletries or general supplies that must have been needed to keep the staffs’ residences stocked when the asylum had been in operation. As she ran her flashlight over the entire warehouse Kimiko realised her chances of finding anything to write with were slim. Disappointment started to seep into her mind, she knew it had been a long-shot but the hope had still existed within her that she would find something.

One deep breath later and Kimiko had turned back to the other two occupants of the warehouse. The thumb and index finger of her right hand rubbed either side of her philtrum as she thought about the best way to mime her question. Eventually she settled for tapping her wrist like she would a watch and pointing at Cristo and Abby before gesturing around the whole warehouse, hoping they were able to figure out her meaning.

How long have you been here?

If not she would just have to try again or move on. For now, though Kimiko was happy to wait for their response, the atmosphere in the warehouse seemed safe.
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