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Astrid strode further into the room, still keeping a watchful eye on the three other people occupying it, doing her best to maintain an outwards aura of confidence, the same assured nature everyone back at school knew her for. She seemed to have been allowed in without much further questioning. Ty’s question as to what her name was had hung in the air for merely a few moments before dying away. Good. It was better that way, really, if her name remained anonymous to even a few people.

The arrangement of chairs in the centre of the room looked as though they were meant to emulate an AA meeting, like something she’d seen out of a film or a TV show. Thanks to the state of the asylum, however, with its dust and dirt littering the floor, and with walls that looked as though they would collapse under the slightest bit of pressure, Astrid felt more like she’d just walked in early to the meeting of some Satanic cult. All this room needed was a couple of giant chalk pentagrams, maybe a few candles and some decapitated goat heads.

Astrid took a seat regardless, directly facing the door, giving her a clear view of the room and her classmates within it. She leaned back in her chair, slightly, heart leaping to her mouth briefly, as it made a creaking sound in protest. She folded her arms and said nothing, simply keeping one eyebrow raised as she listened to her erstwhile companions.

None of what they were saying made sense to her. The two guys were talking to each other like they would have back at home, as if this situation had barely affected them, that they were perfectly content to stick together even with the knowledge that at least one of them would die in the next few days. As for Lizzie, she was just speaking in fragments, emotions changing from syllable to syllable, ebbing and flowing like the tides. Her mental state seemed just as stable as the water’s surface. Even with two imposing wrestlers in the same room as her, Lizzie was the person Astrid was keeping the most watchful eye on. The only thing she could trust the other girl with was being unpredictable, and that easily made her more dangerous than Tyler with his sword. The sooner she could get out of this room the better.

She’d just wanted to see whether this group could have provided anything for her. Aside from an insight into their mindsets, it didn’t look as though they would. Now she needed to make sure she didn’t get attached to them.

Lizzie’s final question piqued her interest, however. Maybe it was just the way it was phrased. It wasn’t ‘are you guys players?’ or ‘have you got any other weapons on you that you might try and murder me with?’ It was asking them to predict the future, for them to take their mental state and capabilities from the beginning of day one and apply them to further down the line, when God knows what might happen. Astrid couldn’t help but snort in derision.

“Let’s not make any hasty assumptions, shall we?” Astrid said, bitter humour etched into her words. She looked at Ty and Harold, fixing them with a hard stare.

“You two seem at least somewhat intelligent. Surely you both know what your answer should be, right?”


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