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"I guess I did ask her about it? But she just showed up, and acted as if I forgot. It was weird, man."

Junko shrugged. She’d look into that later.

“Don’t feel too bad. At least you didn’t have to listen to Darius mangling rock songs in Japanese. I mean, yeah, say what you want about the dance, at least the music’s better. Probably

She laughed. Though, again, if he had shown up earlier he could’ve wrangle Darius a bit and make him back off of Raina.

Oh, his phone? Didn’t he have a date? Did they want to text him about the evening? Cris had a lot of people he knew, and… who was his date again? Something else she needed to look into. She looked at the fire, noticing that it was becoming dimmer.

"Ah, I need to feed the flames, huh?" she muttered, mostly to herself.

Damn it, fire needs food. Food, as in, wood. Things to burn. That. She had some things like that to keep it going.

Hopefully it'd be enough for the rest of the evening.

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