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escaping the real world to face reality
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Lili got it. She really did. And that was that.

Asuka had often fantasized about having a real conversation with someone. Philosophy, feelings, books, anything but goddamn fucking small talk. Real fucking special snowflake, right? And here she was. She'd fucking did it. She'd found someone who got it, who bought into her bullshit, and when all was said and done she really didn't know what else to say. People should act like the special snowflakes they are. If they don't you dissociate and everything becomes meaningless and you retreat into your head. That was it. Move along. End of fucking story.

And when Asuka had finally found someone to let loose the little rant she'd been bottling up for who-knows-how-long, well, it was supposed to unleash some twilight zone shit, right? But she didn't get that. Because she'd caught a snowflake, but she didn't know anything about it. So change that.

Lili was fangirling over the band. Six Things to a Cycle. So they didn't give a fuck about opinion, huh? True artists and all that. Asuka wanted to talk about something, just shoot the shit over whatever. She wanted to put everything on pause and find a corner and be all like, "What's your life story?" On some unspoken level, right. Asuka was perfectly capable of putting her thoughts and feelings into words. Solidarity was good, though. It showed she was right.

Asuka knew she was right.

Hey. Shoot the shit later. There was an offer on that, wasn't there?

As for the shit she still needed to do for school...well.

She was headed from one fragile hope to the next. She was tip-toeing. No disturbing the balance.

dear god dear god tinkle tinkle hoy

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