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Rorick Skyve
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((Jane Madison, technically Sadies Start))

Should she or shouldn't she? Cris was probably already all sorts of busy on that party. Fuck, why didn't she just go with him in the first place? Could have avoided all of this shit.

Jane sat on the edge of her bed, rubbing her temple with one hand, holding her phone with the other. It wasn't too late, just that one little message and everything would look better for her, probably. If only it wasn't that fucking selfish.

She wasn't sleeping any time soon though, that was for sure. Ugh, why'd she have to feel all tense like that? Even cuddling her plushy little babies wasn't doing shit for her. Worst thing of all was, she couldn't even tell why she was like that. Nothing had really upset her earlier, Sadies had been pretty decent and all. Eh, trying to wrap her head around it wasn't gonna help, she had to try and deal with it somehow.

Yeah, she had to be selfish here, fuck it. Better than spend all night slowly going nuts. She'd make it up to him some time. Or maybe they'd just have a good time and there'd be no need for making up. Either way was fine, as long as she got to distract herself somehow.

Jane slowly lifted herself off the bed and pressed the 'Send' button.

To: Cris

Feel kinda on edge, can't sleep, tried tea and everything. Rlly bored now
Wondered if u could come pick me up? We can drive around or smth, idc, anything works for me
Would reaaally love it if u could do that. I'll let u choose our next hiking location again if u do, deal? ; )
Don't take too long pls, already running in circles here
Ur the best!

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