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"I'm fine," Sandra said simply.

Well, it wasn't completely true, of course. Sandra was not fine. But really, could anyone call themselves fine in this situation? No, the only people who were 'fine' with this situation were probably already too far gone to reason with. In that sense, Sandra was glad that she was not 'fine' with the situation.

The situation at large, anyway.

Considering the circumstances, Sandra was about as okay as she could be, she guessed.

In that sense, she was 'fine'.

"I don't know if we'll find anything here, but..." she didn't finish that thought. She wasn't sure where that train of thought was going, so she dropped it.

She moved wordlessly to the control room to see if Noah had found anything, but stopped when she'd heard him talking. She'd only caught the tail end of his message, but that was enough.

'Please don't watch me die.'

Sandra paused. What were Mom and Dad thinking at this very moment? What about Eric and Michael?

She didn't want them to watch her, either. She didn't want them to watch her die. She didn't want them to watch her k-


Sandra turned to the door to the outside.

She sighed. It kept popping up, and Sandra wanted anything to stop it.

"Well, I guess I'm not exactly fine," she admitted, after a while, "But then again, is anyone really fine, in this situation?"
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